Our Mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems and protect birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and biological diversity
in south King County and the world we live in.
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Audubon Society

A Chapter of the National Audubon Society with
territory in South King County in Washington State
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September 21 Membership Meeting

Murrelet Survival Project

Program by Kevin Schmelzlen

Kevin Schmelzlen, campaign coordinator for Murrelet Survival Project, will give a general overview of the life history of the marbled murrelet. He will explain why the species is in severe decline throughout its historic range, the work done and the policies implemented so far to help protect the species, the reasons for the creation of the Murrelet Survival Project campaign and what actions the campaign has taken to date. He will also tell us what concerned citizens can do to support the marbled murrelet.
Join us at 6:30 for coffee and conversation.

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